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Major Chance Rescue & Sanctuary was started due to the overwhelming need of rescues and sanctuaries for unwanted pets. I have a passion to help as many shelter pets as possible. The name Major Chance comes from my 2 boys pictured above. Major was severely abused and neglected before being thrown over the SPCA fence by his previous owner. When my family got home with Major he didn't trust us at all. He slept close to the door or in a spot where he could see the door. I told him I would be patient and earn his trust. So my family did just that. We gave him time and space. He opened up in time and overcame his fear of cars. He now loves to go for rides and he loves his family dearly.  Chance was a no named dog sitting on Death row in a Miami Dade shelter. He was very sick due to being severely attacked and possibly used as a bait dog. He touched my heart like no other dog has touched me before. I wept for him very deeply from a part of my soul I didn't know existed.  I wanted to give Chance a chance at a real life so I adopted him.  Since then I have taken in and have found homes for many dogs. I will continue to help pets in need until there is no longer a need for rescues or until there is no more breath left in me. So Please help give a shelter pet a major chance by supporting Major Chance Rescue & Sanctuary. 

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